This week - Real Estate and IFM

  • Don't trash waste: They create jobs: Read More
  • Dutch anwer to Australia's waste crisis: Read More
  • ISRO satellites will map Bengaluru - hoping to solve city's potholes problems: Read More
  • Telangana urges NGT for solid management funds: Read More
  • Beyond real estate - How co-working spaces arent just about rental benefits anymore? Read More
  • Aerial photos, 3D photos - Drones are making home buying easer: Read More
  • PPF VS NSC - All you needed to know: Read More
  • Realy sector to surpass $850 billion by 2028, says KPMG: Read More

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This week - Real Estate and IFM

  1. GIC buys stake in Mumbai Four Seasons developer for reported $143M: Read More
  2. Good news for Mumbai homebuyers: Housing societies can't charge over Rs 25,000 on resale homes: Read More
  3. AltF CoWorking acquires Daftar India: Read More
  4. KKR's ex-director Kabir Mathur joins ADIA to head India investments: Read More
  5. India's tolling system to turn smarter: Read More 
  6. Coming Soon in TN: Battery-Powered Waste Collectors Zipping Through Streets: Read More
  7. Sagar Arole joins Kaarya Facilities advisory board to build healthcare & hospitality practice: Read More

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News, trends, policies - Facilities Management & Real Estate

  1. Citi group invests USD 35 mn in realty portals PropTiger, Housing & Read More
  2. Anarock clocks Rs 100 cr revenue in FY18; aims over two-fold jump this fiscal: Read More
  3. Mumbai, suburbs finally get new CRZ rules: Read More
  4. HDFC plans special situations fund to invest in stressed realty projects: Read More
  5. ‘Our next billion dollars will come in three years’ - says QuessCorp's Ajit Isaac: Read More
  6. Plastic waste crisis is an opportunity to get serious about recycling: Read More
  7. Mumbai: BMC hires private agency for crematorium upkeep: Read More
  8. Meet AnantU: A design university mooted by billionaire Ajay Piramal and Pramath Sinha: Read More
  9. Societies opt for smart app to conserve water, reduce costs: Read More

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News, trends, policies - Facilities Management & Real Estate

KKR to buy control of REEL for $530 million, one of India's biggest buyouts: Read More?

  • Wearable Robotics Boost Efficiency at Japanese Recycling Facility: Read More
  • US proptech fund Fifth Wall attracts strong interest from Hong Kong, Asian developers: Read More
  • Mumbaikars take up self-redevelopment of old apartments: Read More
  • Post-RERA, new tech is helping builders speed up construction work: Read More
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  • “Like a kid in a candy store”: JLL’s digital chief on proptech’s potential: Read More
  • Could co-working offices save malls?: Read More



News, trends, policies - Facilities Management & Real Estate


  1. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation sets August 15 as deadline to install compost stations for Bulk Garbage Generators: Read More
  2. This idea helped Chennai to avert a water crisis for the next decade: Read More
  3. JLL hires Google exec to lead digital product development: Read More
  4. International trends - Why medical office buildings are popular with investors: Read More
  5. India's investment in renewable energy is growing faster than even China: Read More
  6. Apex court rebukes Delhi, Mumbai govts on waste management policy: Read More
  7. Malaysian govt intends to phase out land fills and explore more eco-friendly waste disposal methods: Read More
  8. This mobile app may be your answer to parking woes: Read More
  9. Lodha Developers gets nod for Rs 5000 cr IPO: Read More
  10. Navi Mumbai emerging as India's newest office hub: Read More
  11. 10 situations when you can withdraw PF before retirement: Read More
  12. Cashify is building state of the art refurbishing facilities in India: Read More

More on plastic ban in Mumbai - India's first plastic buyback scheme to kick in

Maharashtra governemnt will launch a plastic buyback scheme - the first in India - to ensure recycling of plastics that has been banned. This scheme will launch on Wednesday.

The scheme currently will offer buyback by retailers on PET bottles and milk pouches. In effect, a deposit paid to a retailer will be returned by handing bottles and pouches back to the store. 

To know more about the ban, readers may refer notification called the Maharashtra Plastic and Thermocol Products (Manufacture, Usage, Sale, transport, handling and Storage) notification, 2018.

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Policies, News, Trends in Facilities Management and Real Estate !!

  1. India improves on transparency in realty: Read More
  2. NBCC sells 28k sq ft office space to Balmer Lawrie & co. for Rs 83 Cr: Read More
  3. FM should look at the 'Anternet': Read More
  4. GHMC junks old fleet - Saves Rs 15 cr: Read More
  5. Bengaluru potholes - BBMP undeterred by failed projects as it  plans new ways to fix roads: Read More
  6. FMs are key to making buildings attractive to tenants: Read More
  7. No bells & whistles approach in FM - Just make it work: Read More
  8. Can workspace plug the productivity gap: Read More
  9. FM standard gets green approval: Read More
  10. C&W files for IPO: Read More
  11. JLL launches new proptech venture fund: Read More

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Everything you wanted to know about Plastic Ban in Mumbai !

Now that you know what is banned and what is not, here's some alternatives to help you transition to a no plastic world:

  1. Containers, plates, cups and trays made of betelleaf, bamboo and wood. These are food grade with no chemicals and binding agents, and can be decomposed into the soil within eight weeks. 
  2. Edible cutlery made of foodgrains are an interesting option.
  3. Cloth, silk, jute, canvas, muslin, wicker bags can handle up to 3-5 kg weight. 
  4. Steel containers can be used to buy and carry milk and other liquids, and meat
  5. Paper and compostable garbage bin liners made of potato and corn starch